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Vastu shastra Consultancy Services in India and Abroad: CALL ArcMax Architects & Planners, A-1002, TITANIUM CITY CENTER, shayamal cross road, satellite, ahmedabad gujrat, Skype ID: arcmaxarchitects, Client Helpline: +91-9898390866, +91-7940326993, Email:,

Arcmax Architects and Planners Provides Exclusive Vastu Design consultancy Services in India and Abroad for Following Types of Built Forms:

1) Residential Bunglow / Building Vastu shastra Design Consultancy services

2) Commercial Building /Shops Vastu shastra Design Consultancy services

3) Office Building Vastu shastra Design Consultancy services

4) Hotel Building Vastu shastra Design Consultancy services

5) Hospital Building Vastu shastra Design Consultancy services

6) Restaurent Building Vastu shastra Design Consultancy services

7) FACTORY BUILDING Vastu shastra Design Consultancy services


Rules of Vastu Design & Their Impact on Life:

The holistic vastu design is based on specific technologies and methods that improve the mental, emotional and spiritual standard of living. To obtain the objectives, structure of a building is designed in harmony with Cosmic energies and the Earth.
It is quality of vastu architecture that it blesses the ground as well as the occupants. When Client demand a building design according to Vastu principles, Our Vastu expert architects understand the requirements and Design structures that have potential to give successful and comfortable life.
According to vastu house plan, the building site plays an important role. Vastu Science takes the Earth as a living organism that contains energy. When a building is designed by following the traditional rules, the energy penetrates from Earth to the developed material. On the basis of this principle, there are some restrictions concerning the vastu interior design.

As far as bedroom design is concerned, particular conditions need to be followed to enjoy the benefits. Some of them are as follows:
• Door
It is necessary that bedroom door opens up to 90 degrees, so that maximum opportunities can enter into the life. Moreover, the strong and solid material should be used to protect the private life from outer interferences.
• First Object to View
The first object that becomes visible after entering the room must be the source of serenity. Select flowers, photograph or a gift to get some happiness.
• Sleeping Point
The head of bedroom set must be positioned to the South. In case, you have selected the North side, the magnetic energy will increase the blood pressure.
• Mirrors

When vastu tips for the interior are being followed, make certain the mirrors in a bedroom are not projected on the Northern wall because the person will keep on considering the troubles and will never enjoy sound sleep at night.

South East is the most recommended location as per vastu house plan. If another location is selected due to shortage of the available area, make certain that internal layout follows these Vastu rules:
• The position of sink is in North East
• Cooking platform is designed with the Eastern sidewall
• The cylinder is positioned in the South East
• The exhaust fan should be in South or North-West wall
• All electronic gadgets are positioned at the Southern location
• Install the Geyser in the South or South-East corner
• The almirah to store utensils and food grains must not be on Eastern or Northern wall.

The vastu home design blends the architecture, space, construction and indoor design to stabilize the home’s energy. When a master bedroom is positioned in the South West and the kitchen in the South East, such directions stimulate the notion of wealth. The dining room should be connected with the kitchen through North-West, North-East or South-East. If the design of the washroom or water taps has occupied the central place in the house, it is taken as an unlucky omen because it will take away the wealth. Furthermore, the prayer room, toilet and the kitchen must not be closed to each other since these rooms have a particular type of energies that should not be kept together.
If you are interested to follow vastu rules while designing a residential or commercial building, select the experienced architects who have capability to follow architecture science and provide attractive yet traditional design.

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