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In modern times, landscape design fills in the gap created between landscape architecture and garden design on Land and Vertical Facades. It is an Our independent profession involving art and design while combining nature and culture. While Landscape architecture deals with broader draft of urban planning, open public areas, parks and landmarks; Garden design deals with horticulture part with focus on planting arrangements and collection of plantation. Landscape Design bridges the gap between the two by focusing on design and installation of hardscape and softscape of a specific property. Hardscape includes things like Boundary walls, walkways, footpaths, fencing, entrance and exit gates and signage while Softscape deals with artisanship, aesthetics and finesse right from conceptual stage till construction phase.

Arcmax Architects and Planners Landscape Design Services Includes:

  1. Housing and Township Landscape Design
  2. Highrise Apartment Landscape Design
  3. Park Design
  4. Resort Landscape Design
  5. Hotel Ca,pus Landscape Design and Planning
  6. Hospital Campus Landscape design and Planning
  7. Institutional Campus Landscape Design and Planning
  8. Cottages and Villa Landscape Design and Planning
  9. Water Park Landscape Design
  10. Urban Landscape Design

Landscape Design Consideration Factors:

There are two types of factors to be considered during landscape design – Objective and Subjective

Objective factors include Climatic conditions, topography, storm water drainage mechanism, soil fertility and erosion, irrigation facilities, human traffic, vehicular access, recreational activities, lighting aesthetics, plantation, safety measures, emergency backups, authority compliance and many more

Subjective factors include Special site qualities; Customer requirement and likings; Artistic impression from top view, side view, internal view, spatial view; Plant retention, modification or replacement; overall balance and symmetry and many more minute design elements.

There is emerging practice of online landscape designing coming up which allows designers to do site planning through 2-dimensional images without visiting the actual site.


Success Factors:

Here are key factors for a successful landscape design:

  • Make a list of your requirements and likings. Make some rough sketches of place and try to organize all the things you want in your place. Playing around with it can give you great ideas.
  • Analyse the sun and wind patterns. They behave differently during day and night. There can be seasonal changes in their behaviour too. Your design should be able to overcome all these changes.
  • Give yourself sometime and do not make decisions in haste. There can be things which you plan for now but may become necessary in future.
  • Start with small things first. Work on smaller elements and gain experience from them. Once you are confident then only expand with implementation of a full-fledged plan.
  • Identify a focal point in your landscape and work around it. The focal point need not be geometric center of the place, it can rather be a magnificent tree, stunning plant, sculpture or anything that catches the eye of the visitor. Rest of the things should be designed around it.
  • Gauge the scale and pacing. You want certain elements, color, shape or plant to be repeated but also don’t want it to be monotonous.
  • Be open to learn and change. People change, trends change, preferences change. One should be flexible enough to adapt to changes around.

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