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Best Landscape Designto Allure the Visitors

Quick Tips for Best Landscape Designto Allure the Visitors

The landscape design covers the planning of urban areas, landmarks, public parks, campuses, office parks, residential estate, and gardens. Factors in designing are based on features; such as topography, climate, site drainage, soil, recreational amenities and lighting etc. Landscape designing is similar to floor planning that covers man made elements such as fountains, sheds and furniture as well as the natural elements like trees, grass and flowers.

Residential Landscape Design:

Landscape design is an arrangement of available outdoor space to make it more functional and pleasing for family members and the visitors. While planning home landscape, do not just consider the grass, shrubs and trees. Make some changes by adding outdoor lighting, patio, screening wall, deck and parking area. Take into account the soil type, wind, sun and shade, sight, sound and family needs.

  • Bold Contrast in Front yard

It is an easy but attention-grabbing way to create contrasts. Follow the front yard landscape tips to make pair of colors, including chartreuse with burgundy purple.

  • Hide Unwanted Structures

Outdoor workspaces, garages and sheds are the unattractive areas of your yard. Display beautiful flowers and plants to cover unwanted places. Add some wooden planks and brackets to make a shelf above the home entrance and the windows. Try to set fiberglass lightweight planters with beautiful flowers to cover the structure. To hide base structure, potted ferns are the remarkable addition.

  • Fairy-Tale like Front yard

A well-maintained lawn, white picket adorable fence and a whimsical design gives your landscape a fairy tale effect. For a colorful home, do not forget to use pretty purple and pink floral combinations.

  • Division of Spaces

As far as backyard landscape ideas are concerned, add some interest by adding hedges and low fences. These fences are best to give structure and division of the landscape in dining area, fountain and pit area. In this concern, curvaceous boxwood hedges make a playful design that can grab the attention of guests as well.

Garden Designs

There are many garden styles, including Japanese garden style, Mediterranean garden, cottage garden, desert garden, tropical garden and eco-friendly garden. Select the right landscape garden design that suits with the climate, soil and the temperature.

  • Have Fun with Geometry

Though lines and angles are irritating for most of the students in math class, but it is much more than a fun to use these ideas while decorating the landscape. Layout the garden with green color square stands. Use beach pebbles and palm trees to make smooth edges.

  • Water Flow in the Backyard

If there is a drainage problem in the area which causes erosion and attrition, use the backyard landscape design to develop a water feature. Running water, addition of patios, pebbles and flowery plants will change the excavated area into center of attraction.

  • Landscape Garden

Rounded, snaked through and squared off borders of flowers add more charm. When garden landscape ideas are selected, overflow of flowers and window boxes are used to complement the home color.

Landscape Park Design

Whether it is the stone paved path, fountains or swimming pool, well-executed ideas and recreation source complement the entire aesthetic of a city park. Use the right plants and shrubbery to add more color and texture to landscape park design. Here are some of the ideas for the decoration of the outdoor area:

  • Rocky Front

Add natural foliage, huge boulders and large sized stones to give an earthy appearance. The design needs less maintenance. A circular driveway will change this traditional style into a place for amusement.

  • Chess Shaped Landscape

Select the central rectangular area of park landscape and distinguish it from the remaining area by giving some height. Now divide the rectangular area into white and black boxes. Add succulent plants of round and elevated shapes to give an impression of the chess board.

  • Make Island on Public Property

According to the perimeter of a given property, make a plan for borders and plant beds. You can add an island shaped landscape park design by adding some height in the central area of the yard. It will make the visitors excited to walk around the yard to see what is behind the elevated central area.

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