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Hospital Design Plan: 

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Hospitals are important places where patients are cared for during their sickness or injury. It then figures that proper care and attention should be paid to every detail during the design and planning processes. For a hospital to be able to carry out its functions properly, it should be;

  • Properly designed and built.
  • It must be safe for the patients and the hospital personnel.
  • It must be built in compliance with the laid down standard that is guiding hospital designs and planning.


The designing and planning processes that are involved in hospital construction are so complex and challenging that the hospital’s boards of directors cannot comprehend it. This is the time when the need for the services of the best hospital design and planners arise. That is why; experts are needed who will do the job efficiently, and this is where Arcmax architects come into the picture.

Arcmax architects and planners are highly skilled in the art of uniting hospital architecture with technology. This we achieve by designing and planning dynamic settings that can take care of patient’s individual needs as well as create opportunities for the hospital personnel. Also making room for treatment options and where the services will be carried out.

With this trend of thought, it then means that technology should be at the center of any hospital design planning. This is to ensure that future important care delivery is achieved.

Arcmax architects and planners are experienced and skilled professionals who are experts in the area of hospital design and planning. Arcmax architects are the best hospital design planners in United states, UK, and India as a whole who can provide;

  • Hospital Design floor plans,
  • Master planning of Hospital
  • To the patients, 24/7 access to their medical records electronically with the help of a secured digital portal.
  • Their consultation scheduling
  • Medical billings
  • Registrations
  • Educational materials through any electronic device.


We sensationalize our hospital design and planning into separate phases to be able to plan, design and build a sustainable hospital Design and structure. We first of all;

Define and plan the hospital project itself. Every hospital should have a particular procedure which they should follow right from the onset. This includes;

  • The project request
  • Carrying out a strategic plan
  • Surveying the hospital’s needs and assessment
  • Specific program
  • Concept design.
  • Project budgeting


Preparing schematic design for the hospital. This next phase includes

  • Development of the design
  • Documentation for construction purposes
  • Processing the city land permit
  • Conditional environmental usage permit
  • Submitting the impact report
  • Securing of the construction permit.
  • Preliminary submittal
  • Building permit submittal
  • Public hearings

The third phase in our hospital designing and planning includes;

  • The bidding and construction
  • Securing the license of occupancy
  • Inspections and
  • Evaluations

After the above factors have been administered, we then proceed to the next level which is to make the patient’s and hospital personnel’s life easier. We will add the following elements to our hospital design;

The patient’s portal: This portal serves as the main resource that connects most of the other buildings with technological attributes. The data provided by the portal is used to unite all the efforts of the medical practitioners, the patients, and their researchers. They make use of the portal to find out the best methods of preventing illnesses and the best treatment options available.

Kiosks meant for check-ins: When you come to any registration center of the hospital, you will find out that there is always a cue up. To solve this problem, Arcmax architects introduce patient’s kiosks which provide the patients with connectivity digitally. These kiosks provide for the patients a convenient instant interface which will help the patients to access their service schedule. If you attend a hospital designed and planned by Arcmax architects, you will be surprised to note that check-ins and registration are completed at the kiosks. All the patients have to do is just to scan their phone or any available printout for identification. Then enter in the barcode of the check-in feature in the kiosk. Through the kiosk, the patient can even browse the patient’s inflow and outflow management. This will enable the patient to track the availability of a room and awaiting period. These kiosks are located at a focal point where patients identify them quickly also adjacent to the open hospital personnel stations. This is to ensure that the hospital staff will have access to the kiosks in case their assistance is needed.

Connective Furniture: You will find out that most patients and their families today sit in the hospital’s waiting rooms to operate their mobile devices. They do this to get updates on their particular health information, to pay their hospital bills, arrange for their next appointments or entertainment purposes. That is why; hospital design and planning should accommodate this regular interaction through its mobile technology. They should also look for ways to make use of this connectivity to their advantage, and this is what Arcmax architects provide during their hospital design and planning process. We noticed that whenever the patients experience slow or total internet blackout, they tend to be frustrated. This usually causes a kind of chaos inside the waiting rooms, but it can be rectified by improving the waiting areas with connective furniture. Such as; charging outlets for their mobile devices, stable Wi-Fi systems. Arcmax architects provided these things in our hospital design and planning right from the onset to give a new height of convenience and comfort that you can never get anywhere else.



There are specific processes which Arcmax architects use to provide the best hospital design and planning. We sub-divide our teams and delegate tasks to them according to their areas of specialization for efficiency. For example we first delegate to the;

  • The unit for needs assessment: This team involves people like the planners and the final users of the hospital such as the community and the hospital personnel.
  • The briefing team. This level involves the architects, the hospital personnel, the engineers and the community.
  • The designing team: This group involves all the experts that are important in designing the hospital. Such as; Quantity surveyors, engineers, hospital personnel, architects, community and the approving board.
  • The construction team: These are the builders, architects and the engineers.
  • The commissioning team: These are the teams that are responsible for procuring the hospital staff, providing furniture and fittings, equipment and medical supplies.
  • The planning team: This includes all the people who have contributed in one way or the other during the planning process.


Arcmax architects and planners are the best hospital design and planners for you. We have the capability, insight, and resources to envisage the physical space with innovations in technology. Arcmax architects are also the leaders in helping hospitals to provide value care efficiently.

Hospital Design & Planning services: By Arcmax Architects and Planners

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