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Hotel Design:

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A hotel is an establishment which provides a paid accommodation on a short-term basis. Hotel design involves planning, drafting, design and development. Some of the key factors which influence a hotel design are:

• Type of Hotel : Palace Hotels, Luxury Resorts, Casino Hotel, Designer & Art Hotels, Spa Resorts, Adventure Resorts, Boutique Hotels, Budget Hotels, Motels, No Frills, Capsule Hotels, Hostels, Home accommodation, etc.

• Location: Hill station, Beach side, Business hub, Suburb, Up-country, Farmhouse, Airport, Railway station, Bus stand, Hospital, etc.

• Local Culture & Environment: Each locality has its own culture and environment, and every local hotel generally reflects that culture with interiors suiting environment.

When it comes to design requirements, there can be two types of needs: structural needs and interior needs.
Structural Needs

• Hotel Approach: The road to the hotel should have sufficient signage for entry and exit. The road should be layered to offer a smooth experience to the guests.

• Parking Space: If the area is vast in size, there should be ample parking space for the guests with clear directions. If enough space is not available, valet parking is a must.

• Main Entrance: The entrance should be easily identifiable and spacious, and the door can be automatic/semi-automatic. A security person should be there to welcome the guests with grace.

• Lobby: The lobby area should have seating space to help the guests seat during the waiting time. Some leisure literature is also preferable to keep the guests engaged.

• Reception: The reception desk should be vibrant and refreshing. Its height should be adequate so that the guests can communicate with the staff comfortably.

• Passages & Corridors: A ventilated passage is a must which should be wide. Thus the guests will be able to manoeuvre their luggage easily without being obstructed by side walls. Security cameras and air fresheners can be placed here. Emergency exits can also be marked in this space.

• Elevators/Staircase: Elevator and staircase signage need to be put in corridor for easy access. The elevator should be well-illuminated and well-ventilated to avoid suffocation. The elevator panel should be bright with floor marks clearly visible. Staircase should not be too steep to make the guests tired. Handrails should be present on either side for support. The area under the staircase should be closed and can be used as storage.

• Amenities: Depending on the hotel category and class, there can be different amenities, like Bars, Restaurant, Pool, Gymnasium, Business Centre, Spa, Conference Room, Play Area, etc. These should be accessible from the reception area with clear signposts.
An attractive interior catches the eyes of the guests, creating a long-lasting impression on them.
Interior Needs

• Doors: They should have a smooth finish with handles for maneuvering. Push-Pull signage .should also be visible. Room doors should have convenient locking mechanism for the guests

• Flooring: Flooring should be uniformed with optimum textures to not cause any slippages. Climate factors need to be considered to decide which tiles, carpet, marble, stone, wood, etc. can be used for flooring.

• Signage: They should be distinctly placed with name as well as apt symbol with good colour contrast.

• Illumination: Adequate lighting should be provisioned so that there are no dark spots/holes in the premises. It should match with the background and surrounding environment.

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