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Cost-effective Building Design

Quick Tips for Cost-effective Building Design:

Sustainability, modern layout and incorporation with natural elements are some of the essential parts of a building design. Identification of design objectives and budget helps in making the project successful. For an efficient design of a building, here are some of the best ideas that need your consideration:

Building Type

Design of a building depends on the type. Residential building, commercial building, religious building, educational building, agricultural building and parking structure are some of the categories which make great changes in the style and design. For a residential building plan, contemporary home, prairie home, farmhouse, cottage house, beach house, craftsman house, A-Frame house, Ranch House, Colonial House, Mediterranean house, Neoclassical house, European house and American house give a wide range of building style options to select from. Consequently, one must focus on the required building plan before moving to other features.

Windows Direction

For maximum solar power, it is good to have South facing windows in your building. If the building plan has more than one floor, do not put windows in South direction for the second floor. In winter season, people prefer a well insulated house. Upstairs’ windows are not energy efficient. These can divert heat and cause condensation problem as well.

Height of Ceiling

Though the vaulted ceiling gives an impressive look, but it is not a good house building idea. The heat rises towards the ceiling and keeps the lower area cold. In a dome, the air keeps on circulating, so does not cause noticeable cold.

Sustainable Building Material

Whether it is flooring, decoration or building material, sustainable products affect the environment less than other materials. Wood is the best environment friendly material that is good for home insulation as well. Linoleum, cork and bamboo are some of the recommended flooring options which have a lifespan up to 40 years and can be recycled afterwards.

Cool The Roof

In summer season, people prefer to use products that cool the room at faster speed. White tiles, slate, metal roofing and special membranes are the available options, but the green option is more reliable, energy saving and require less maintenance.

Less is More

Contemporary building trends compel people to design large sized buildings. In reality, people prefer to live in small groups. It is useless to build a large house, but use only a part of it on a routine basis. Instead of covering maximum area, select the space saving building style to get more usable area.

Satisfactory Inside Traffic

Whatever is your building plan, it is necessary to provide satisfactory space for movement inside the building. Easy access is related to convenient position of electrical switches and position of rooms as per residential or commercial requirement.

Space Solution

Whether it is a home office, guest bedroom, kitchen or living room, multipurpose space is inevitable. Shelves do not only store things, but are source of stylish appearance. Light colors give an impression of large space. White wall paint, white furniture and white rugs are some of the ways to make your home brighter and larger than it actually is.

Beneath The Stairs

A successful building design gives storage solution by utilizing the extra spaces in the home. The area beneath the stairs is perfect for making a bar, book shelves or drawer to keep off-season clothing. A floating shelf under the stairs can be changed into a workstation.

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