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“Awesome to work with. Incredibly organized, easy to communicate with, responsive and beautiful work.”Cheers!!!

Jane otai – US,

“We had been looking for a Architects and Designer Firm for several months, but the few ones I got in touch with never seemed able to meet with our Working Theme and taste. Finally, when I discovered ArcMax Architects & Planners through a Google search, it appeared likely that such a passionate Architects & designer would be the partner we had been looking for — which became obvious as soon as we started working together. After reviewing our requirements, Arcmax Architects and Plasnners send us a few proposals and, taking great care, created numerous modifications. Most importantly, each modification introduced that special detail that makes all the difference. Needless to say, we are extremely satisfied with the results. Thanks”

stuart C.- Dubai,

“We selected Arcmax Architects & Planners because of its cost-effective Online Architectural design platform and excellent customer service for Our Marriage Garden Design.”

Amit sharma – Nagpur,

Superbbb!!! they understand our House Design needs and always respond.”

Mrs Niyati Joe- Kerela,

“Quite frankly we would not have made it without ArcMax Architects & Planners – so a hearty thanks, especially to the Ashish sir’s Team.”

Vipul Patel- ahmedabad,

“We greatly appreciate Arcmax Architect’s creativity and guidance in re-branding new image and message in Our Highrise Apartment Project.”

Mr. Vishal Rawat – Bhopal,

“i was not very much convinced and confortable for Hiring Them regarding Their Online design services. But at the climax of Their design i am so happy and convinced with their support and discussion for My School Project. The best part is they are Commited on Time with Their design skills.”

Albert D-Costa- Chennai,

“The Arcmax Architects team is always willing to go the extra mile for Our Township Design Project during Schematic design process till its execution stage. They frequently assist us with last minute requests and questions. All The best, Keep It Up!!!”

Nishant chowdary- Pune,

“I am delighted the Arcmax Architects team are living up to our expectations and delivering sensational customer service for Designining of My Cottage.”

Mrs, Neeta Roy, Noida

“I’ve always been pleased with Arcmax Architects & Planners because their people are very supportive and are always willing to listen. Their Design Team also takes the initiative and calls us with her questions or suggestions. I also feel that Arcmax Architects understands our needs From Scratch Level Before starting the work for giving Final shape as per Our Requirement.”

Vinay Chopra, Delhi

“Many Thanks for Resort Mockup Design on My Site, i will Shortly Proceed for “Complete Project design with Arcmax Architects”. The Best Part About Arcmax Architects is They Are Very Fast with Unique Designs and Design solutions.

David Rio, Australia

“As a Investor Sometimes we get to Thought, Visualize and experience something so unique – so special – that it rocks the foundation about what we thought to be true and More Profitable on Land Before Investing. Such was the case with my recent Project for Hotel Cum Resort Design. While I thought I knew what excellent service and attention to My Project Design Require I Appointed Arcmax Architects Complete Project Design Services for My Project Design. Got Exactly what i want with Some More suggestion to Improve My Thought about Design”.

James J, Egypt

Words can’t really express how wonderful they Deal and Comeup with Our Site For Proposed Hospital Site, I Hired Another Firm Locally for My Design Project But Wanting to Know Some More Options for My Project so i Decided to Hire Their “Mockup Design” Services. i am happy with Their Design Cell and Recommend to Others”, Shortly Will Proceed with “Complete Project Design”. Many Thanks to Shruti For Such Prompt Responses During Design Process.

T. Raghavhan, ShriLanka